Purpose of HIIQA

Health Improvement Institute Quality Award (HIIQA) is designed for:

Health Improvement Institute Quality Award (HIIQA) is given to organizations whose awards or ratings of Internet health information sites meet HIIQA standards for excellence.

Selection of awards/ratings for assessment

The Institute has established scope and inclusion/exclusion criteria for its HIIQA. The Institute attempts to identify all Internet sites that meet HIIQA scope and inclusion criteria as follows:

The Institute board of directors has established the HIIQA Advisory Board to assist it administer the HIIQA. Advisory Board members are nominated by relevant organizations. Panels of Advisory Board members determine which awards/ratings meet HIIQA's inclusion/exclusion criteria. If a majority of panel members agree that the award/rating meets inclusion/exclusion criteria, it is assessed; otherwise, it is not assessed. When necessary, The Institute revises the HIIQA scope and inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Assessment of awards/ratings

The Institute establishes panels of volunteers to assess awards/ratings using HIIQA criteria/standards. People nominate themselves, or are nominated by others, to serve on a panel. The Advisory Board reviews nominees' qualifications/credentials, decides whether or not the nominee is qualified to serve, and categorizes the nominee by industry segment and geographic region. Panel members are selected at random from among qualified nominees to produce assessment panels that are balanced by industry segment and geographic region. [Note: We welcome suggestions for panel member's qualifications/criteria, and balancing criteria, as well as for nominations to panels.] Volunteers serve on a panel for a year. They may reapply to be put on a panel for the next year. Annual selection of assessment panel is intended to share the workload, permit as many people as possible to participate, and minimize bias in panels.

Assessment panel members assess awards/ratings independently, according to HIIQA criteria based only on information displayed on the awards/ratings organization's Internet site. If a majority of assessment panel members agree that the award/rating meets HIIQA criteria/standards, it receives the HIIQA.

If the award/ratings organization did not receive the HIIQA for its award/rating, The Institute sends the panel's determinations to the awards/ratings organization. The Institute sends any feedback to assessment panel members for their consideration in reassessing the award/rating.

Each year, The Institute reviews, and, if necessary in light of experience in assessment panels' use of HIIQA criteria/standards, revises HIIQA criteria/standards and award processes.

Reassessment of awards/ratings

Panel members assess awards/ratings each year. This is a de novo assessment by a different panel than the one that assessed the award/rating originally. This procedure is intended to keep HIIQA awards current.

Revocation of HIIQA

At any time, based on information received from consumers or the Institute's surveillance of WWW sites, the Institute may ask the Advisory Board to revoke the HIIQA, if the awards/ratings organization's award/rating no longer meets HIIQA standards.

Display of awards/ratings and assessments

The Institute (re)assesses awards and ratings throughout the year to produce its annual assessments of such awards/ratings. The Institute displays awards/ratings meeting HIIQA scope and inclusion criteria on its WWW site, and notes whether or not the Institute has assessed the award/rating. The Institute posts assessments (and the date that they were made) on its WWW site as soon as they become available. Initially, this posting will indicate whether or not the award/rating received the HIIQA. Later, The Institute may consider displaying judges' votes on each HIIQA standard.

Use of HIIQA logo

Awards/Ratings organizations awarded the HIIQA may display the award logo on their WWW site, in print publications, etc, from the time that the award is announced until the end of the following calendar year (ie, until 31 Dec 00, if the award was given in 1999).

Funding for HIIQA

The Institute supports HIIQA from its general funds, in-kind contributions, and volunteer assistance.