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Aesculapius Award (of Excellence in Health Communication) is given to producers of health-related World Wide Web (WWW) sites and television and radio public service announcements (PSAs) that Health Improvement Institute judges consider excellent in communicating health information to the public. Each year, judges choose one WWW site and one PSA from among excellent entries to receive the top prize – the Aesculapius Award. Winners of the Aesculapius Award receive an elegant engraved brass commemorative plaque. In addition, all winners of the Aesculapius Award of Excellence receive a certificate proclaiming their award and the Health Improvement Institute Aesculapius Award logo to use in publicity materials and to display on their website, if they so choose. Health Improvement Institute announces winners of the Aesculapius Awards competition in a national media release and on the World Wide Web.

Use of information

Aesculapius Award is intended to promote excellence in health communications. The institute announces winners in December of each year from among WWW sites and PSAs that have entered the award competition. With respect to websites, consumers should remember that they may have changed since the time of the award, and should not rely on the fact that the website received the Aesculapius Award of Excellence to indicate that the information that the website contains is fit for a particular purpose. Consumers would be well-advised to compare information from several reputable sources, and, those with health problems should seek the advice of a qualified health care practitioner to assist them to interpret information in light of their individual circumstances.

The Institute welcomes your feedback about the utility of the Aesculapius Award in helping consumers to identify excellent websites, this website's user-friendliness, and related matters. We use consumers', judges', and entrants' feedback to improve Aesculapius Award processes and the way that we present information about the awards on our website.

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Information on the Aesculapius Award was last updated on December 09, 2013