Aesculapius Award levels

Health Improvement Institute has established the following 4 levels of recognition for entries in the annual awards competition:

judges only select an Annual Award winner if any entry meets this level of recognition. in some years, there may not be an Annual Award winner in a given category.

Judges award this level of recognition to entries that they consider to be excellent and deserve this distinction.

With this level of recognition, judges consider the entry to be meritorious but not of sufficient distinction to receive an Award of Excellence.

This certificate is awarded in appreciation of entering award competition; judges did not consider the entry to be sufficiently meritorious to receive a higher level of recognition.

Organizations that submit entries that receive an Annual Award and Award of Excellence receive an award logo and may display this award logo on their website, in appropriate print materials, etc, to proclaim their award so that professionals and consumers may recognize their distinction. Winners of an Annual Award receive a plaque; winners of an Award of Excellence may purchase a plaque. All entrants receive a certificate and may purchase extra certificate.

Panels of judges determine the applicable level of recognition for each entry.

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