Aesculapius Awards Judges for 2006 Competition

WWW Judges Panel

Lois C. Ambash
Mataforix Inc.
Boston, MA

Annette Bentley
American Celiac Society
River Ridge, LA

Holly Brooks
Manager, Marketing & Creative
Johnson, Bassin & Shaw, Inc.
Silver Spring, MD

Michael Cangelosi
Programs Coordinator
Alliance for Aging Research
Washington, DC

Deborah A. Clark
Stephens Memorial Hospital
Norway, ME

Susan Freeburn
RN Nurse Consultant
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Silver Spring, MD

Ahmed Haque
Health Research & Educational Trust
Chicago, IL

Faye Harkins
Staff Archivist
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Or 93230

Leslie Mackler
Library Director
Moses Cone Health Systems
Greensboro, WC

Janet Reis
Professor, Family Medicine
University Of Illinois
Urbana, IL

Robert A. Smith
Executive VP
Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation
Baltimore, MD

PSA Judges Panel

Pamela Edelstein
National Director, Media Events
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
White Plains, NY

Tim Elsner
Executive Director
Mended Hearts
Dallas, TX

Joe Osmann
Professor/Television Program Manager
Frederick Community College
Frederick, MD

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