Award for Excellence in Human Research Protection
Award Advisory Board Charter

The Award Advisory Board (AAB) is chartered by the Board of Directors of the Health Improvement Institute ("the Institute") under the authority of the Institute’s by-laws and policies.

1. The Board consists of a minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of twenty (20) appointed members, excluding liaison representatives and other ex-officio members. The members of the AAB include:
  • Appointed members who shall be representatives of organizations that hold important roles in or related to the research enterprise such as:
    • Research sponsors/funders
    • Research performers, institutions
    • Human research protection professionals
    • People who participate in research studies
    • Consumer or research participant advocates
    • Voluntary associations concerned with health care, diseases, treatments, and research
  • Federal government liaisons, who shall be ex-officio
  • President of the Institute, who shall be ex-officio.
2. The Institute appoints board members from among nominations made by the Board, sponsors, and the public, including self-nominations, and organizations solicited by the Institute.
3. Members of the Board serve for one year. After this term, members shall be eligible for reappointment and may serve an unlimited number of terms.
4. Members who resign before the end of their term must do so in writing. They may nominate a candidate from their organization who will be able to serve the remainder of their one-year term. The Institute must approve this nominee.
5. In the case of a vacancy on the Board through death, resignation, or otherwise, the Institute shall appoint a replacement to serve the balance of the member’s term in the same manner as reappointed or new members. Preferential consideration shall be given to any nominee from the same organization as the member who may have been unable to continue to serve on the Board.

The role of the Board is to assist and advise the Award program, for example, by:
1. Nominating Board members
2. Establishing awards to be given under the program
3. Reviewing criteria for credentialing and selecting judges; criteria for judging applications for Award; calls for entry, application materials; etc
4. Promoting the Award program
5. Identifying potential, and building relationships with, sponsors.

1. The Board meets annually to provide advice regarding the Award program. Members may attend in person, or circumstances permitting, electronically. If necessary, the Institute may call additional meetings of the Board, or hold virtual meetings by, for example, electronic communications or circulation of documents.
2. The Institute provides the agenda and meeting materials.
3. Board meetings are open only to members, federal liaison representatives, invited guests, and staff of the Institute.
4. Members who cannot attend the annual or other meeting may send a representative from their organization who will be a temporary member of the Board for purposes of the meeting.
5. The quorum for conducting business and voting is 3 members.
6. Decisions are made by majority vote of members present. Proxy voting is not permitted. In the case of a tied vote, the Board chair (or chair protem) casts the deciding vote.
7. The Institute records all Board meeting decisions in minutes.
8. At the annual Board meeting, members select one of their members to chair the Board. The chair serves as chair until the next Board meeting, at which time the outgoing chair, if reappointed by the Institute as a member of the Board, shall be eligible for re-election. The chair serves as the Board’s principal liaison to the Institute, and advises the Institute on all matters related to the Board.

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