Award for Excellence in Human Research Protection
Life-time Achievement Award questions

Judges evaluate an applicant's answers to the following Award questions against Award criteria. To suggest improvement to questions

Q.1. Curriculum vitae: What positions did the nominee hold and/or what work did he or she perform during his or her professional career relevant to the protection of human subjects of research? Please provide a list of relevant positions (and when held) and/or work completed (and when done). For each listed position/work, please describe briefly its relevance, and, if applicable, the contribution made, to the protection of human subjects of research. If available, please attach the nominee’s curriculum vitae. If the nominee has received awards for his/her work in human research protection, please list them and summarize the award citation (accomplishments underlying each award). Up to 3 references or letters of recommendation may be included but are not necessary; they cannot be a substitute for complete yet concise answers to questions.

Q.2. Contribution/Impact: What outstanding, and/or what series of significant, contributions (such as the introduction of or improvement to policies, procedures, and practices) has the nominee made to advance, to promote, or to assure and/or improve the protection of human research subjects? When, or over what period, were they made? Please describe each contribution, or series of contributions, in relevant detail. Please focus on contributions’ impact or influence, for example, in terms of assuring and/or improving human research protection or guiding other people to do so. The focus of this question is the contributions that the nominee has made, and their impact (in contrast to Q.1., in which the focus is on showing that the nominee has worked continuously and steadfastly to assure or improve the protection of human subjects of research).

Q.3. Leadership: How has the nominee demonstrated leadership by example in advancing, promoting, assuring, and/or improving the protection of human subjects of research? How has he or she inspired others to do so? Please highlight the nominee’s actions, who they influenced, how they were influenced, and to what effect.

’s career and/or the nominee’s accomplishments demonstrate his or her dedication to human research protection? Summarize the main points made above. Add any others necessary to convince judges that this nominee should receive this year's Award.

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