Quality of health information on the internet (QHII)
Health Improvement Institute Quality Award (HIIQA) history

In 1997 Health Improvement Institute held a successful workshop on the quality of health information on the Internet. Subsequently, from 1998 to 1999, the Institute developed and implemented a pilot project to rate the raters of health websites. The project's purpose was to develop and apply criteria to assess the quality of organizations' web-based efforts intended to direct consumers to "reliable" health websites ("raters of raters"). The Institute identified more than 80 raters of raters. The Institute selected a sample for assessment. Initial panels of volunteer raters found that none of the raters of raters met the Institute's criteria for the "Health Improvement Institute Quality Award." Subsequently, the Institute decided to suspend the project. The current program to evaluate and to improve the quality of health information on the Internet, including the project to develop independent ratings of health websites, is an extension and elaboration of this pilot project.

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