Aesculapius Award

The Aesculapius Award, named for the ancient Greek god of healing, recognizes outstanding organizations that have provided public health information through the use of Websites or television or radio public service announcements (PSAs). The first Aesculapius Award for PSAs was given in 1992; that for Websites, in 1997.


Any Website or PSA that promotes public awareness, understanding or involvement in health, health care, or health policy is eligible.

Website entries must serve a public or consumer health education or communication purpose. Websites with the primary purpose of bill boarding or promoting the entrant’s organization will not be considered for an award.

PSA entries 1) must have first aired during the current or immediate past calendar year, 2) must have been produced for public service, not commercial use, and 3) must have aired at least five times. PSAs may be of any acceptable broadcast length up to one-minute (i.e., 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds).


An entry must be accompanied by 1) completed entry form, 2) a 1-page summary of the Websites’ or PSAs’ objectives and production, and 3) $150 entry fee.

Selection of Winners

A panel of credentialed volunteer judges evaluates entries against established judging criteria. The Institute selects winners according to judges’ evaluations.
Award Levels
Separate awards are given for Websites, television PSAs, and radio PSAs.

Annual Award: Winners receive a frame-ready certificate, engraved brass commemorative plaque, special winner’s logo (which awardees are entitled to display on their websites, in their publications, etc.); winners are also acknowledged in the award press release and appropriate Institute communications (which are distributed to thousands of health-related organizations appropriately every two or three weeks).

Award of Excellence: Winners receive a frame-ready certificate and the award logo; may purchase plaques; winners are also acknowledged in the award press release and appropriate Institute communications.

Certificate of Merit: Entrants receive a frame-ready certificate.

Certificate or Appreciation: Entrants receive a frame-ready certificate.

Awards Timeline

Key points in the annual award cycle include:

  • Entry Deadline: September (First Friday after Labor Day)
  • Judging: September / October
  • Winners Notified: November
  • Winners Announced & Certificates/Plaques Sent: December

Apply to be a Judge

Please fill out the application to apply to be a judge.

Contact our team to find out more about our criteria for public health information excellence. We recognize organizations throughout the United States and around the world from our headquarters in Bethesda, MD.